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Post-Divorce Attorney in Leesburg, VA

A post-divorce attorney is a legal professional who can help you transition from one state of living to another. More specifically dealing with assets, child custody arrangements and other legalities that continue after a couple has been legally separated. This type of legal representation can be very beneficial both emotionally and financially by offering support throughout the divorce process.

Our Attorneys have the skills to help in several key areas including:

  • Post-Divorce Court Proceedings
  • Post-Divorce Property Division
  • Post-Divorce Child Custody and Visitation

We understand the complex nature of the family law system and have experience representing clients in all stages of their divorce cases. Our post-divorce attorneys will advise you on prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, division of marital property, and spousal support. We are especially useful for individuals who want to resolve disputes quickly and fairly or those who do not have the desire to deal with legal proceedings. Trust our team at Masterman Krogmann for your post-divorce needs.

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