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David Masterman and Carolé Krogmann established Masterman Krogmann PC in October of 2014.

Previous to that, Masterman and Krogmann were involved in the practice of family law together since 2008.

The firm has remained located in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the Tysons Corner area, making it convenient to several major commuting routes.

The firm’s growth has always been oriented toward having not just the right number of attorneys, but the right attorneys for the needs of our clients.

Our Legal Team

The attorneys at Masterman Krogmann PC have interests outside the practice of law. The firm has financially supported a number of different organizations and activities, including:


Masterman Krogmann PC has for several years provided financial support for the DC Rollergirls. While this group offers a chance to see the sport of women’s flat track roller derby played at a high level, the DC Rollergirls themselves are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization for the outstanding contributions that they make to the Washington DC area with service projects for other charities. More can be learned about the DC Rollergirls at


Masterman Krogmann PC is a proud contributor to FPYC’s Maniacs travel soccer team.


Masterman Krogmann PC served as a corporate sponsor of a golf tournament established to fund medical assistance for kidney transplant patients.


Masterman Krogmann PC is a long-time sponsor of the Northern Virginia VWAA chapter including providing financial support for the various functions of the organization

Masterman Krogmann PC has no “typical client” profile. We represent men and women; mothers and fathers; the very wealthy and the debt-burdened; individuals of any sexual orientation; members of all races and faiths; young and old.


Our rates reflect a number of different factors, but one of the most important is the experience of our lawyers. The rates shown here are subject to change from time to time so please feel free to confirm them when making an appointment.


For any ongoing representation, a cash advance (sometimes informally known as a “retainer”) will be required. The amount of the cash advance will be established at the time of establishing the attorney-client relationship. Clients will be requested to maintain a balance in the firm’s trust account throughout the period of active representation.

For those with cases that proceed to a full hearing, the firm will request a “trial advance” based on the anticipated length of the hearing. The amount of this advance will be determined as the case progresses.


Legal cases commonly involve costs that must be paid to third parties. Court reporters, process servers, couriers, mediators, or a variety of other such individuals may become involved. In some situations, those costs will be paid by the firm and will appear on your monthly invoice. In other situations, the client will be asked to contract directly with the service provider.

Masterman Krogmann PC takes the confidentiality of its clients seriously. The information provided by clients is protected by the attorney client privilege in most cases. That level of confidentiality, however, is a minimum requirement. The firm chooses to go further. We do not seek press coverage of cases, and when asked, we provide only the most basic information. Our attorneys and staff adopt the philosophy that the plight of clients is not the stuff of small talk or gossip, nor does the opportunity to represent prominent individuals in the community create an excuse to deviate from these principles.

In keeping with that philosophy, we cannot and would not in any case provide a list of prominent individuals we have assisted.

This area of Virginia has a number of residents with considerable wealth. While many of the issues that arise in divorce cases are the same regardless of the size of the marital estate, those with great wealth may require an approach that is integrated with financial planners, business attorneys, estate planners, and others. Our firm has the experience to assist in those instances, having handled a number of cases in which the marital estate exceeded five million dollars. We are comfortable assisting you at all levels of net worth.

Legal Services

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Masterman Krogmann PC provides counsel and representation concerning initial custody determinations, modification of custody, custodial time and visitation arrangements, paternity issues

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Property Division

Masterman Krogmann PC provides counsel and representation concerning equitable distribution, settlement agreements, real property issues, enforcement of property provisions

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Masterman Krogmann PC provides counsel and representation concerning initial determination of alimony and spousal support, establishment of child support, child care costs

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The information on this website is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should contact an attorney for advice on your individual situation. Contacting Masterman Krogmann PC, its attorneys, and/or staff through this website does not create an attorney-client relationship.