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Prenup Attorney in Falls Church, VA

Prenuptial agreements are contracts between two people that essentially spell out how assets acquired during the marriage will be distributed if the couple divorces. They can cover many issues, such as distribution of property and assets, spousal support, child custody, and visitation rights, along with other related matters. Prenup agreements are often made when one party has significantly more assets than the other, but can also protect both partners in case either one loses their job or incurs huge expenses. Prenups can be especially useful for both parties if one is entering the marriage with children from a prior relationship or has significant wealth that was not obtained during the marriage.

Prenups are becoming more popular than ever before, but many people still misunderstand their purpose. Many believe prenups are only for wealthy individuals, but they can protect all types of situations. Couples who want to keep certain assets separate, particularly those with children or large sums of money, may find having a prenuptial agreement very helpful. They are now being used by an increasing number of divorcees as a legally binding tool to protect their wealth from any future lawsuits. This could mean actions filed by a spouse alleging mismanagement or mishandling of assets during the marriage. Most importantly, prenups can protect both spouses and their children financially after a breakup.

At Masterman Krogmann, we have prenuptial attorneys who can help get everything squared away before you and your spouse elope. Prenups are simply a safety net and there is no assumption in them which claims you will get a divorce. It is rather an extra precaution taken to avoid future complications down the road. While communicating with you and your spouse our attorneys will make sure your agreement is completed with little to no stress.

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