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Looking for a Top Family Law Attorney in Northern Virginia?

Masterman Krogmann PC practices nearly all facets of family law.

The firm offers assistance to parties from before marriage with prenuptial agreements through post-divorce enforcement and termination actions. That broad term includes all issues relating to children, property division in divorce, and support issues, and can be further broken down into such areas as:


Child Custody

  • Initial custody determinations
  • Modification of custody
  • Custodial time and visitation arrangements
  • Issues relating to decision making authority
  • Custody settlement agreements
  • Paternity issues
  • Enforcement of custodial terms

Property Division

  • Equitable distribution
  • Division and preservation of retirement accounts and pensions
  • Government and military benefits in divorce
  • Settlement agreements
  • Classification of assets to preserve separate property
  • Real property issues
  • Enforcement of property provisions
  • Unique issues presented by pets


  • Initial determinations of alimony and spousal support
  • Modification and termination of spousal support
  • Establishment of child support
  • Modification of child support
  • Enforcement of support obligations
  • Treatment of medical insurance and expenses of children
  • Child care costs
  • Health insurance issues for divorcing spouses