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Ten Leaders – Carolé Krogmann

Only a few years removed from a successful practice in Virginia’s Tidewater region, Carole Collier Krogmann is already emerging as a Northern Virginia divorce lawyer with broad experience and growing recognition and respect from her new peers. Now in her early 40s, Krogmann brings an outward grace and an inner toughness to her work – a combination found usually in much older good lawyers – and has worked with some of the state’s better litigators and family-law specialists. To a remarkable degree she lost little professional momentum since moving to Northern Virginia in 2007. Today she is a name partner at Masterman Krogmann, the Vienna, Va.-based divorce boutique led by David Masterman, one of the best divorce litigators in the DC metro area. Clients will recognize quickly that Krogmann – focused, organized, and cheerful – is a constructive influence, both empathizing with and identifying her client’s problems.

Northern Magazine – Top Divorce Lawyers 2009

An honest and bright straight shooter, David Masterman’s direct manner may be off-putting to some, but his knowledge of the law is stellar, and he considers his combination of experience and effectiveness the reason his clients select him. He is unafraid of new territory and knows that, despite great past results, an attorney cannot be mechanical in approach. Rather, the lawyer must look at each case individually and respond accordingly, to either achieve a client’s goals or redefine them.

Super Lawyers – David Masterman

Mr. Masterman has practiced for over 25 years in Northern Virginia. An outstanding litigation tactician and courtroom attorney, Mr. Masterman nevertheless emphasizes the importance of exploring settlement when possible. Other attorneys, professional athletes, politicians, corporate executives, military members, stay-at-home parents, and virtually every other type of person can be found among Mr. Masterman’s clientele. Mr. Masterman carries an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, its highest rating for skill and ethics, and is listed in its volume of preeminent attorneys in the United States.

Ten Leaders – David Masterman

David Masterman has in just over two decades established himself as one of the top divorce attorneys in Virginia. If man is a sum of his experiences – the son of an NBC journalist, growing up in Falls Church, Va., and Amarillo, Tx., a one-time college punk-rock lead vocalist – Masterman is a wonderfully original product. Further, peers and rivals alike say the 56-year-old Masterman has an exceptionally quick and creative mind; with it has built a reputation as an effective, accomplished divorce attorney.