Family Law Attorney Annandale


Divorce law is more complicated than many think, especially when disputes over money, custody, and property are involved. The first step is to determine whether the divorce is classified as “fault” or “no fault”. An experienced lawyer, like the individuals at Masterman Krogmann, will be able to help determine the type of divorce, and then walk you through the rest of the process. Learn more about the top divorce attorneys in Annandale, VA.

Child Custody

Parties going through a divorce find property issues difficult, but they generally pale in comparison with the concern and emotion that arises when the custody of minor children is at stake. The good news is that, like the other issues, most people are able to settle custody issues out of court. Let the experienced attorneys at Masterman Krogmann help to determine the best custody plan for your children. Learn more about child custody lawyer in Annandale, VA.

Spousal Support

Also known as alimony, spousal support is something that many couples struggle to come to an agreement over. Spousal support is a payment, normally made monthly, from one spouse to another to assist in meeting expenses. Even a spouse with a job may need some spousal support. The attorneys at Masterman Krogmann can assist you with any spousal support issues, and make sure that your best interests are represented. Learn more about spousal support in Annandale, VA.