Is mediation right for your case?

Mediation is a form of intervention in the conflict between the parties to a conflict try to find a conciliatory resolution to the conflict. When used in the divorce context, it typically means an effort to resolve the issues with the assistance of a third party acting as a referee or conversation manager, but not as a decision maker.

Several different versions of mediation exist. In some situations, the couple meets with a mediator directly. In other situations, the parties are joined by their attorneys.

The mediator does not have to be a person trained in law, but it would be normal for the mediator to be a lawyer or even a judge. In Northern Virginia, a number of experienced retired judges make themselves available to act as mediators. Mediators are paid for their time, and the rates vary according to experience and training.

At Masterman Krogmann, we believe mediation is an important alternative way to resolve your dispute. We are pleased to offer you support in preparing for and participating in mediation. We will attend mediation with you if you wish.